A Bridge to the Future


Just wanted to share some good news. HLF’s Holiday Campaign was very successful and will enable us to move up the fundraising arrow on the sign in front of the library! Thanks so much to all of you who donated!

Your Hayward Library Foundation, Ltd. is a 501(c(3) nonprofit organization established in 2011 to build a bridge to the future of the Sherman and Ruth Weiss Community Library. The foundation’s sole purpose is to create an endowment and use income from its investments to provide supplemental financial support for the library. While public demand for books, e-books, videos and other library services continues to grow, sources of financial support have diminished and will continue to do so. Tax-based sources provide only a portion of total operating costs, less than half.


At the current pace, available financial resources will be depleted in approximately three years. In response, the foundation is asking individuals, businesses and organizations to join in our campaign—“a bridge to the future.” In just three years, and with your help, we will create a $2 million endowment, and income from its investments will support the library in perpetuity. Only income from this legacy, and not gifts themselves, will be used to supplement financial shortfalls.

Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library

Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library