Traditionally librarians have been viewed as the gatekeepers of knowledge, an essential and worthy vocation. However, libraries also must look to the needs of our current and future generations.

In the recent article, “Megatrends: Information Explosion 2.0,” author Stephen Abram describes upcoming trends in the world of information. Abram, also Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Markets for Gale Cengage Learning, lists several library-related topics he calls “…critical to consider over the next twenty years.”

  • e-Learning – This academic strategy immerses the student in a blended learning environment such as the school, home, the library or coffee house. The instructor may incorporate math, science, literature and life skills into one lesson. This practice fosters a well-rounded education and lifelong learning skills in students.
  • Social Networking – Libraries respond to the growing need for spaces where people can meet, communicate online, & attend classes and programs. The staff has observed the escalation of this trend in our own hometown library.
  • Computer Applications and Tools – Teaching and learning aids help library staff and educators respond more quickly to informational requests.
  • Content Curation – Libraries manage the information overload to provide the best data for educational, business and research needs.
  • 24/7 Virtual Reference – This service responds to the rapidly growing need for “personal consultants” versed in technology, education, social networking and business.

You may play a part in helping the library respond to these new trends and developments with a gift to the Foundation.

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